Fallout New Vegas Modder Turns Caesar's Legion Tiny

Fallout New Vegas Modder Turns Caesar’s Legion Tiny

Fallout New Vegas Modder Turns Caesar’s Legion Tiny

If the bright lights of Fallout New Vegas appeal to you again and you’re looking to spice it up but don’t fancy running away from ‘The Crash Man or playing Yakuza protagonist Kazuma Kyu then you’re in the right place.

Thanks to a new mod, one of the game’s factions may need your assistance to reach the top shelves.

Little Legate Lanius is Making His Tiny Dagger-Sized Sword

The mod that causes a dramatic shift in the conflict size gripping New Vegas is half pint Legion’. It is the work and creation of WastelandChrusher. His previous work includes adding an LMG to the game and making the fearsome Legate Lanius more formidable.

Similar to the last mod, you will notice the effects of this one if Lanius is defeated at the end of the game. That is if Lanius has not been defeated.

This mod reduces the size of all Legion characters to approximately half their original size. It also makes it easier since everyone, from top brass to anonymous troops on the field, and even undercover agents on places like The Strip, has their height drastically nerfed.

You might wonder why it does this.

Reddit meme that shows its soldiers being shorter than NCR counterparts is the catalyst behind the diminution of the Legion.

This meme was so funny that WastelandChrusher (Reddit user N3G4T1V_2) decided to declare that the group would be reduced to child size.

Unfortunately, even though they tried to have a good time, they refused to comply with another user’s request that “all NCR soldiers become mommies” to recreate the meme’s premise.

Jump back into New Vegas, but be careful not to step on legionaries. Follow us for updates about the bizarre worlds of Elden Ring and Skyrim modding.

Fallout New Vegas Modder Turns Caesar’s Legion Tiny
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