Fake The Last of Us: Homecoming 'Teaser Trailer' Fools Fans
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Fake The Last of Us: Homecoming ‘Teaser Trailer’ Fools Fans


Fake The Last of Us: Homecoming ‘Teaser Trailer’ Fools Fans

It’s quite easy to get duped by the net; a tweet or a Fake post can fool even ardent lovers. 1 thing which possibly doesn’t get previous gamers as readily is the whole video game preview; that was the situation using a current The Last of Us teaser. Video game trailers are so comprehensive and resilient that faking one is hard to perform. But a current bogus teaser of The Last of Us was uploaded to YouTube, and it fooled several fans.

The Last of Us: Homecoming went viral and had been trending lately for all of the wrong reasons. Although many would adore the concept of a single-player DLC to get The Last of Us, it turns out that a newly uploaded movie called”Homecoming” is really fake.

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The teaser trailer for The Last of Us: Homecoming utilizes footage of Prior The Last of Us Games and a voiceover in Joel. This produces the vision rather believable. The trailer is also quite brief and to the stage, and it’s likewise edited quite well. The movie and YouTube channel employ the official PlayStation logo and data, which makes it seem legitimate. The movie ends by stating that the DLC will be on April 10, 2021, as a PlayStation exclusive, which will increase the record of PlayStation matches for 2021.


Many fans–if From the remarks of this movie or on Twitter–have been taken aback by the movie, and several are still being duped. Some still feel this DLC will arrive in April. This movie’s description asserts that the DLC will have gamers research topics of success and devotion with Joel until he meets Ellie. Obviously, that isn’t true since the movie is fake, adding to the lengthy list of imitation video games.

The Last of Us Part two was among those highest-rated matches last Year, and lots of fans would really like to get more from the show by Naughty Dog. But, many others had enough. With the franchise being story-driven, the match might have already completed the story that it had to inform. In reality, lots of the fans who were duped by this bogus The Last of Us: Homecoming teaser was angry about the concept that more narrative was being told inside the entire world, as they consider that it needs to be wrapped up once and for all.

A number of those controversies surrounding The Last of Us Part two Need to do with the concept that the very first game’s narrative was Enough for a few. Consequently, If another bit of DLC or another Full-game was to be published at The Last of Us world, it might be hurt the encounter. But, several other enthusiasts consider the world-building of The Last of Us is indeed impressive that any storytelling inside it may be beautiful and extreme, and lively with the ideal talent behind it.

Fake The Last of Us: Homecoming ‘Teaser Trailer’ Fools Fans
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