FACTORIO IOS Latest Version Free Download
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FACTORIO IOS Latest Version Free Download

FACTORIO IOS Latest Version Free Download

Factorio Game 2016 Overview:

To build the first building, you will need to have some money. It’s not a problem. You will get some once you reach the first level.

(v1.1.58 Update added)

To reach higher production levels, your first factory must have a minimum of production. To make money, you can sell your productions at the store. Many enemies want to take down your factories in this strategy simulation game. To purchase defensive items, the players must use their earned money. It is not always possible to be present in battle. You should be prepared for any situation. You are the one who should defend the factories.

Factorio is a place where you can work hard and increase your production. It will be more challenging to defend your factories against invaders in this case. To defend your land, you must have enough defensive items to use in any possible battles. You can upgrade any item or building you see to higher levels. These upgrades can be purchased by players who have enough money. You can also increase your production rate by upgrading them.

This popular game also supports cooperative modes. It can be played online or offline with friends. You can purchase Factorio on Steam if you wish to play it online.

Factory Features:

  • To make lots of money, create the largest factories in the entire world
  • Protect your factories from the enemies who would destroy them
  • You can build new buildings or upgrade existing ones to increase your production.
  • Both offline and online modes require co-operation


FACTORIO IOS Latest Version Free Download



FACTORIO IOS Latest Version Free Download
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