Elden Ring Modder brings Casual Fridays to the Lands Between
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Elden Ring Modder brings Casual Fridays to the Lands Between

Elden Ring Modder brings Casual Fridays to the Lands Between…

Fashion isn’t always a top priority for the frustrated connoisseurs who roam the plains of Elden Ring.

When you have to fight bosses with little more than a bit of medieval firepower and a motivating pep talk from Israel Adesanya at your side, what is most important is how well your clothing is at deflecting blows.

A modder has now intervened to encourage the enemies of Elden Ring to relax and wear more casual clothing so you can still wear your hypebeast clothes without fear.

Relaxed Fashion: Slide into the Elden Ring Weekend

This mod is called Elden Ring Casual Friday, and it is the first work by updelta. They want their modding legacy to be incredible.

In reality, the mod is a simple reskin of Elden Ring’s enemies. They wear casual clothes as they work their final shifts before going to bed or watching Netflix.

However, this is not the case for everyone. The mod is still a work in process, so only enemies who live in the Lower Raya Lucaria or Wolf of Radagon areas have had their bosses approve the new initiative.

However, it comes with a save file with a pre-leveled character to take the modded areas. This allows you to dive into casual Friday vibes and not get stuck in work clothes Wednesday or formal Tuesday.

If you prefer to let your hair down and relax with Elden Rings, another mod may be what you want.

This version, called Long hairstyle, is the creation of modders NarberalGamma & ZLOHORT. The latter has also created a Malenia-themed menu.

This work replaces hair slot 19. It is a relaxed, new style that stands out even though it clips through helmets.

If you like any of these, grab Mod Engine 2 first. This is necessary to ensure that both mods work as intended.

Now, relax, start your countdown to Elden Ring weekend and be sure to keep following us for updates on the wild worlds of Skyrim or Fallout modding.

Elden Ring Modder brings Casual Fridays to the Lands Between
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