Will Andrade El Idolo Succeed In AEW?

Will Andrade El Idolo Succeed In AEW?

Will Andrade El Idolo Succeed In AEW?

Andrade El Idolo made his debut for All Elite Wrestling to great fanfare in June. He was accompanied to the ring in the company of Vickie Guerrero, who helped him regain his credibility before a large mainstream wrestling audience. The former NXT Champion has only been seen in singles matches, with one match since June. This included a rather disappointing Rampage bout against PAC.

Andrade has won both matches against Lee Johnson, an enhancement worker, and PAC. However, his overall booking is questionable. Two Guerrero have been left behind by Andrade, though the reasons are unclear at best. Chavo Guerrero, his second manager, was kicked out of the match against PAC after he interacted with Andrade. Despite helping El Idolo win his second victory. I don’t know why he quit Vickie to ponder in the women’s section.

Andrade seems to be the most bitter, outlandish babyface on the roster. He is trying to decide if he wants to be seen either as a villain or an anti-hero among Latinos. By denouncing the notoriously-underhanded Guerrero family for sullying his result, it suggests that he’s trying to be a squeaky-clean competitor going forward, yet he’s maintaining that arrogance from his WWE persona. I don’t know what my position is with him. Should I support him verbally berating his opponents or should I boo and hiss at his villainous counterparts.

Since his debut for AEW in 2002, Andrade has been involved in some controversies. Most of these centered around his AAA-event championship fight against Kenny Omega. According to reports, Andrade was initially scheduled to defeat Omega for the Mega Championship. However, AEW officials refused him to lose the Impact Championship to Christian Cage of Rampage.

Andrade was naturally frustrated by it, as any serious wrestler would be, but it doesn’t bode well in his near future with AEW. Being such a vocal force on the backstage may cause him to be unable to progress in the singles division and could even prevent him from becoming the star we all dreamed he would become. Although rumors suggest that he might be in line for a future run at the AAA Mega Championship, and eventually his win over Omega in the singles division, it will still feel somewhat cloudy in comparison to the impact of the above issues and his reactions since.

Will Andrade El Idolo Succeed In AEW?
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