Dungeons & Dragons: New Version Available in Three Years

Dungeons & Dragons: New Version Available in Three Years

Dungeon and Dragons are one of the most well-known role-playing games. The franchise has been a household name since its inception with the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons published in 1974. In 2014, the Fifth Edition, commonly known as 5e, was released. Wizards of the Coast now has a major announcement regarding the future of the tabletop gaming game.

Dungeons and Dragons have grown from a tabletop game that was first created in the 1970s to a multimedia powerhouse, spawning video games, and card games, and even a feature-length movie. D&D is a well-known symbol of the gaming industry.

It has also inspired many modern role-playing games, such as Worldwalker’s D&D-inspired title Wildermuth. Wizards of the Coast announced the imminent arrival of Fifth Edition, a tabletop RPG that has been loved by many for years.

Ray Winninger, the executive producer of D&D Celebration 2021 officially announced the ” next generation of Dungeons and Dragons”. The new rulebooks for Dungeons & Dragons are in production and will be released tentatively in 2024. Winninger stated that the new ruleset would be compatible with the Fifth Edition. It was not mentioned whether the new rulebooks would be an official release of 6e.

Dungeons & Dragons: New Version Available in Three Years
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