DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO Full Version Mobile Game
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DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO Full Version Mobile Game

DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO Full Version Mobile Game


Driver San Francisco Free Download. With crime lord Charles Jericho on the loose, San Francisco faces a terrifying threat. One man can only stop him. He has driven through the streets of 100 cities and spent his entire life trying to put criminals behind bars. He knows that he cannot turn back and will have to take Jericho down. His name is John Tanner.

Driver San Francisco Install-Game:

Discover the cinematic driving experiences of DRIVER. Long drifts, Hollywood-style crashes, loose suspension, and high-speed pursuits through dense traffic. You will drive over 130 super-strong muscle cars and super-cars with realistic handling and customization that take fast-action driving up a level. Discover a compelling character-driven story in which Tanner is driven to Jericho’s destruction. To find out how Tanner will survive the survival race, and escape from Jericho’s clutches, follow Tanner across San Francisco and beyond. Borderlands 3

Driver San Francisco: Free Download

After a horrible crash, Tanner realizes that he has a new ability, SHIFT. This allows him to switch between vehicles and take control instantly. You will experience unprecedented intensity, variety, and freedom. SHIFT into a faster vehicle, deploy civilian vehicles to defeat your enemies, and even take over your opponent’s car to cause their demise. You can also play in exciting Multiplayer modes with SHIFT.

  1. As detective John Tanner, The Driver, you will be on an ongoing search to track down Charles Jericho, a crime lord.
  2. You can effortlessly switch between more than 130 licensed vehicles and keep them in the center of the action with innovative gameplay features.
  3. Enjoy the thrill of a classic cinematic, free-roaming car chase.
  4. You can instantly swap between vehicles. This includes shifting to a more substantial car for a quicker getaway or deploying a civilian vehicle to kill your enemies.


DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO Full Version Mobile Game



DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO Full Version Mobile Game
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