Director of 'God Of War" Isn’t Playing the Role Of 'Ragnarok’

Director of ‘God Of War” Isn’t Playing the Role Of ‘Ragnarok’

Director of ‘God Of War” Isn’t Playing the Role Of ‘Ragnarok.’

We were excited for the unveiling of God of War Ragnarok. We were all excited when the game was first announced in 2020. It will be available for download in 2021. The game was delayed, and the trailer was revealed, and the launch date was moved back. We’ve been waiting for more information about the second edition.

Last night at the PlayStation Showcase, we finally got our first proper look at the new environments Kratos and Atreus will be exploring, their weapons, new enemies, and even a small bit about the quest they’ll embark on. Although we assumed the Santa Monica Studio team composition for God of War Ragnarok would be the same, it turned out that the director of the original project had moved on.

Because of his long-standing involvement with the God of War series, Cory Barlog is one of the industry’s most well-known game directors. After working on the original God of War games, he moved briefly to Crystal Dynamics for Tomb Raider before returning to Santa Monica Studio to direct God of War. He wasn’t expected to be Ragnarok’s director, but he has taken a step back from the project to let someone else take the helm.

While Barlog will continue to be involved in the production Ragnarok and will likely be working on other projects, Eric Williams will be the director of the game. In a post-show stream talking about the change, VGC notes that William says: “It’s always been a tradition here at Santa Monica to change the directors across the games. That has been a great success. Corey is our only repeat director, and it’s a good thing. He’s a great performer.

Barlog concurs and states that the games need to be viewed from a new perspective every time. He also believes that it is important that the game directors have a “fresh perspective” each time they direct a large-scale game.

Although we expected Barlog to direct the sequel, it is nice to see Santa Monica Studio trying something new. This means that we may be more amazed by Ragnarok’s choices, which will always provide exciting gameplay experiences. It will be released in 2022, and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Director of ‘God Of War” Isn’t Playing the Role Of ‘Ragnarok’
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