'Diablo Immortal' YouTuber Can't Get A Match After Spending $100,000 On Gear

‘Diablo Immortal’ YouTuber Can’t Get A Match After Spending $100,000 On Gear

‘Diablo Immortal’ YouTuber Can’t Get A Match After Spending $100,000 On Gear.

Money can’t buy friends. We all know that. It’s a common saying in media. We’re all familiar with the movie trope where a guy wins the lottery and builds many extensions to his house. He then buys a fast vehicle and flashes his bling. His neighbors end up abandoning him and hating him, as expected.

This is why online gaming abandons players. It’s not because they are jealous. It’s simply unfair to play online games where you can pay to win. This is what Diablo Youtuber jtisallbusiness discovered recently. Diablo Immortal was released in June and has been controversial for its two-month existence. Microtransactions are not very popular in games, particularly among those who prefer to play traditional games.

The exciting thing about the case of YouTuber jtisallbusiness is that his loneliness is not due to other players abandoning him. He can’t compete in the game. Diablo Immortal’s PVP will allow players to compete with other players with the same match-making rank.

His clan, OneTimes, is disappointed. They were likely excited to have him as Immortal’s final content. They will need to find another player because the game doesn’t allow for PVP fights, and they won’t be able to match jtisallbusiness against anyone in the end game.

It is not surprising that people aren’t sympathetic to the news. This was the top comment made by jtisallbusiness on the video announcing this news: “Congratulations, You just “Won” in a P2W game. You got what you paid. It is hard to disagree.

‘Diablo Immortal’ YouTuber Can’t Get A Match After Spending $100,000 On Gear
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