Devs of 'Destiny 2,' Say They Aren't Listening To Toxic Fans On Purpose

Devs of ‘Destiny 2,’ Say They Aren’t Listening To Toxic Fans On Purpose

Devs of ‘Destiny 2’ Say They Aren’t Listening To Toxic Fans On Purpose.

Destiny2 Bungie is having difficulty with a toxic section of its fanbase. Bungie has filed a lawsuit against a Destiny 2 player. The suit alleges that the player cheated, avoided bans and made threats against Bungie and its employees.

Player Luca Leone said he wanted to “burn down” Bungie’s office. Fans noticed Bungie being less active online in recent days. This was especially true when it came to responding to social media fans. Bungie confirmed the suspicions of fans that it was due to harassment and threats.

Bungie Reddit community manager Dmg04 explained to the fans that the decision to distance themselves from the threat was made in direct response. Dmg04 wrote that the harassment they’ve experienced is not limited to snide comments on Twitter or rude responses. Our people and studio have faced real threats.”

They added, “We’re treating them seriously. This is leading to a reduced communication as the team plans future defences/strategies for helping avoid these kinds of things.” After some severe harassment against my family and me, I want to be clear that I value the studio for the help it has given me. This is why I am taking some time off. It doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t see it in the tweet or reply to a forum post.

Mind you, none of this punishes those who can provide clear and respectful feedback to our developers. […] I think it’s a shame that we haven’t had as much interaction in the past. The team is working on ways to communicate with you all. Some of these plans are something I look forward to when I return. They concluded that they could confirm that team members regularly check threads and listen to your feedback. Bungie should be able to find a safe and secure way to communicate with fans quickly.

Devs of ‘Destiny 2,’ Say They Aren’t Listening To Toxic Fans On Purpose
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