Deathloop Ordnance Depot Guide: Where to Find All Three Batteries

Deathloop Ordnance Depot Guide: Where to Find All Three Batteries

Death loop Ordnance Depot Guide: Where to Find All Three Batteries

Finally, the groovy action/adventure video Deadloop has been released. Arkane Studios is the developer of Deathloop. This game lets you kill eight targets in one day. It is not an easy task, as death will return you to the beginning of the day. Deathloop, a rogue-lite style genre, is about dying and using the data to improve your performance. Colt will discover sidequests that he can do to earn additional rewards and his main mission of killing the Visionaries. One of these sidequests is to open up The Complex’s Ordnance Depot. To do this, you’ll need to find three batteries. Otherwise, the bunker doors will not open.

Ordnance Depot Battery Locations

Battery 1

It is very easy to locate the first battery and doesn’t require much of your time. You can find the light by the blue generator just across the door as you leave the bunker. The battery can be pulled from the bunker and placed in one of the empty slots near the Ordnance Depot doors.

Battery Two and Three

The Swift slab will be your next two batteries. It will take some effort and some hiking. This slab can be obtained by killing Charlie at Updaam at noon to infuse it. Once you have the power, go out of the Ordnance Depot and hang a left. Then, run through the massive set of metal doors. Turn immediately to your left as you enter the underground structure that housed all the Eternalists. Just above the underground structure, you will see a parked vehicle and a yellow-colored door. You will need to pass through the door and follow the tunnel (shown below).

After you have emerged from the tunnel, look for the Z-29 door. Take a right to the two-story yellow-blue-gray structure. You’ll be breaking some glass, so I recommend you kill the Eternalists who are still around. Once you are clear, move to the second floor. Look towards the blue laser grid that blocks the windows. Colt can use Shift, which allows him to see through the windows. The shift can be used to warp through the window, and you will see the floor covered in yellow briefcases.

You can take a briefcase with you and use it to carry one of the Field Nullifiers into the lab. The fully charged battery can be taken out of the briefcase and Shift back outside. To unlock the bunker, bring the battery back to Ordnance Depot. You can still open the door if you don’t possess Shift. However, you will need to search The Complex for deployed Turrets that you can remove batteries from.

You will find Residuum as well as the extremely powerful Strelak Verso dual pistols. These are the modular pistols you can combine to make a one-handed machine gun, if you have been following Deathloop marketing. This is an extremely powerful weapon that you should infuse so you can use them in future playthroughs.

Deathloop Ordnance Depot Guide: Where to Find All Three Batteries
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