Cross-Save and Warframe Crossplay are finally coming soon

Cross-Save and Warframe Crossplay are finally coming soon

Cross-Save and Warframe Crossplay are finally coming soon

Warframe crossplay and cross-save are two highly requested features for the free-to-play cooperative shooter. At least for a limited number of players

Crossplay was first teased in 2019. It would allow players on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation to work together in-game. This is quite a several platforms! Crossplay was not possible in the game they released, so this will likely take a lot of effort. Players have wondered for three years when crossplay will be possible.

The news boils down to this: “Community testing coming soon.” This could refer to a beta version. Although it is not clear how many people will be able to access the site or how. It is also unclear how soon we are talking about. Warframe developer extremes don’t usually announce a release date for updates until it is very close to being done (like a week before release).

Whether you’re talking Warframe or not, Crossplay seems to be a complicated topic. Sony, the company that created the PlayStation brand, hated crossplay for an extended period. It is likely that some executives still dislike the idea. Sony tried to prevent cross-play between its consoles for many years, despite the overwhelming evidence that it was technically possible.

The publisher finally relented. You must share the revenue from Sony if you want to implement crossplay. Despite this, the overwhelmingly popular feature can now be found in many new games. Warframe was launched with the PlayStation 4. It is now joining the wave.

Progression is the other elephant in this room. Crossplay is not mentioned in the announcement’s key art. I want the latter to be more prominent than the former. Although I would love to be able to play on my PlayStation 5 from the couch instead of sitting at my computer all day, I don’t want the thousands of hours of progress that I have built up over the past decade. You can’t forget the skins and other cosmetics I purchased there.

At this time, we don’t know much about Warframe Cross-save. It’ll be available sometime after crossplay hits.

Digital Extremes will synchronise time-limited items in-game, such as Baro Ki’Teer (the exclusive vendor) on July 29, 2022, and Nightmare Missions later. This will allow crossplay, which will open the door to cross-save.

Disclaimer: Tencent purchased Digital Extremes’ parent company in 2020. Tencent is Fanbyte Media’s parent. Although the corporation does not have direct contact with Fanbyte editorial, nor do they provide any directives to it, These disclaimers are written by me anyway, for ethical reasons. No one reads them, so I don’t know. Hello? You are now at the bottom of this article.

Cross-Save and Warframe Crossplay are finally coming soon
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