Console commands and cheats encased

Console commands and cheats encased

Encased in a Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG. It has been released by Steam early access. Players can use diplomacy and guns to navigate the vast wasteland and laboratories surrounding its mysterious Dome. You may find the console commands useful if you have trouble with Prime Matter or Dark Crystal Games cRPG.

Although Encased’s console commands, cheats, and other features may require tweaking to activate the full version, it is quite simple. First, locate the game in your Steam Library, click on it and then select Properties.

The Launch Options dialog box is located at the bottom left of the General window. Add “–console” to it without the quotation marks. This will activate the in-game consoles. You can bring it up using the tilde () key. It’s worth trying again with other keyboard layouts to see if tilde fails.

After that, you can load a game and bring down your console to input the Encased console commands or cheats from the following list. Remember to replace # with a number.


Console commands and cheats encased
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