Michael Giacchino shares a sample of the Batman Score with us
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Michael Giacchino shares a sample of the Batman Score with us

Michael Giacchino shares a sample of the Batman Score with us.

In honor of Batman Day (September 18th), Michael Giacchino shared an excerpt of the music for the film. The bat signal was quickly sent out to fans via social media. Nearly every Batman movie and comic book feature a different take on the character, including his costume, batmobile, and personality. It is not easy to find the perfect score for a movie, especially with so many Batman scores.

However, the film will feature Robert Pattinson as Batman. This could change your perceptions of the superhero. This particular view of the hero highlights the darker, shadowy entities that reside within Batman. It also gives a new version of the hero that has never been shown to his fans. Giacchino’s 28-second clip features a full orchestra as he leads and directs with his arms. The clip begins with intense intensity as the strings recreate a scene of devastation. It’s almost like a secret villain being revealed to the world. The clouds eventually dissipate, and the rest is calm and peaceful, gliding between the action and madness.

This short clip shows the transformation of Batman into a multi-dimensional character. It challenges the notion of what is “good” and “bad” in a hero. Giacchino has worked on Spider-Man: Homecoming as well as the Jurassic World films. In an interview, Giacchino spoke out about how much freedom he had been granted while working on The Batman, comparing it to previous projects. Giacchino said that he could do what he wanted because the film was his vision and Matt Reeves.

Giacchino stated that Batman is not a character that must be represented in a particular way. He believes that artists have the right to put their stamp on the Dark Knight. Batman’s freedom in his character allows artists to be creative without any restrictions. Giacchino won’t reveal the story behind the score and encourages fans to listen to the samples.

Giacchino admitted that he wrote the music featured in the video clip many years ago. The score is usually more difficult to perfect to be released with the movie’s promo. Giacchino’s speed allowed the director to include it during filming scenes of The Batman. Rather than waiting until post-production.

Michael Giacchino shares a sample of the Batman Score with us
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