CD Projekt RED Also Now Skipping PAX East 2020

It has been a few weeks to its Boston-based PAX East. The Global outbreak of the coronavirus has impacted lots of the industries, and the gaming one is not immune, unfortunately. A good deal of usual members who attend the conference are falling out, with Sony and Square Enix being two of the greatest ones. And yet another title that is significant is out as of now.

According to her official Twitter, Stephanie Bayer Communications for CD Projekt RED, affirmed the programmer will be part of this series. She does, however, say that she will nevertheless be in GDC next month (though it is not clear if that’s only her, or if the whole team will be part of the conference).

CD Projekt RED is the only the most current in a line of companies to choose to stay away from major events. Not everyone has fallen outside , but the attendance at the series has been considerably thinned compared to earlier years.

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