Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2nd Anniversary Update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2nd Anniversary Update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2nd Anniversary Update

Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update – Blackout

Blackout was introduced to the franchise in Black Ops 4’s 2018 edition. Fans will immediately be able to navigate their way when they visit. Blackout brings together the best Call Of Duty maps into one map.


Nuketown, one of the most famous locations in the Black Ops Series, was also brought back to the forefront – once again – by Blackout. Nuketown Island, which is still as easily recognizable as ever, can be found off to the west of the main map. You can not only hunt for loot within the fake neighborhood’s houses, but you can also go underground to find a network tunnel that will lead you to various Blackout locations.

Cargo Docks

The containers and cargo rigs to the southeast from Nuketown might be familiar, as they were rectified in Black Ops II map Cargo. The containers of the Cargo Docks, another popular Multiplayer map allow for more tactical warfare and can be used to cover space as well as cover. Don’t forget about the precious loot that can be found in those abandoned containers.


Array, a relic of the winter landscape, has been brought to the sunlit climes Blackout by the original Black Ops Multiplayer. The central Array building is likely to be a place for close encounters. While the surrounding buildings will provide some cover and some valuable loot as well, they will also serve as a source of distance.

These are only a few examples of references you will find throughout Blackout. If this is your first time exploring the map keep an eye out for similarities and replicas from COD Multiplayer maps. If you are new to these maps, don’t hesitate to explore. You can’t go wrong with a good looking around to improve your map knowledge.

A new tournament will also be announced mid-season on the Blackout map.

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