BIOSHOCK INFINITE Download Full Game Mobile Free
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BIOSHOCK INFINITE Download Full Game Mobile Free

BIOSHOCK INFINITE Download Full Game Mobile Free


BioShock Infinite, a first-person shooter videogame developed by Irrational Games, is published by 2K Games. It was released on all platforms, including Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and OS X, in 2013. A Linux port was also released in 2015.

BioShock Infinite Install-Game:

Booker DeWitt is indebted to the wrong people, and his life is at risk. A veteran of the U.S. Cavalry, now a hired gun, Booker DeWitt only has one chance to clean his slate. He must rescue Elizabeth, the mysterious young girl he has kept in captivity since childhood. Booker and Elizabeth are forced to trust each other during their daring escape. They learn how to harness an ever-growing arsenal of weapons and talents together as they battle on zeppelins high in the sky, along high-speed Sky-Lines, and down in the streets of Columbia. All while they survive the dangers of the fair city and uncover its dark secrets. Battlefield 2 Complete Collection

BioShock Infinite Complete Version Free Download

  • The City in the Sky- Fly above the deepest parts of Rapture and soar high among the clouds of Columbia. The flying city, a technological marvel, is a vibrant and beautiful world that hides a dark secret.
  • Booker DeWitt, a hired gun, must rescue a mysterious young girl from the Sky-City of Columbia in 1912.
  • Whip, Zip, and Kill – Transform the Sky-Lines of the city into weaponized roller coasters. You zip through the city, and then you can hand out severe punishment.
  • Tear through Time – Tears in space and time to change the battleground and turn the tide of combat. Pull weapons, turrets, and other resources from thin air.
  • Vigorous Powers: Throw explosive fireballs and shoot lightning at your enemies.
  • Custom Combat Experience – With deadly weapons in your hand, powerful Vigors in the other, and the ability to open Tears in space and time, you can fight your way through the floating city.
  • Columbia to save Elizabeth and get her freedom.


BIOSHOCK INFINITE Download Full Game Mobile Free



BIOSHOCK INFINITE Download Full Game Mobile Free
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