Biggest Gaming News of the week: 9/13/21-9/20/21

Biggest Gaming News of the week: 9/13/21-9/20/21

Biggest Gaming News of the week: 9/13/21-9/20/21

Nvidia GeForce Now could have leaked a lot of new games. However, Toby Fox unexpectedly dropped Deltarune’s second chapter free. Game Rant has put together this week’s top gaming news stories into a short post that fans and enthusiasts can use to keep up-to-date on the most important events in the industry each week. This list will highlight the most important stories and not all news stories this week. This is a list that gamers interested in gaming news can quickly review the most important stories from the past week.

This week’s roundup gaming news includes a list of games that was datamined by GeForce Now. However, it’s difficult to believe that any part of the leak is true. THQ Nordic showcased several new games, including a new SpongeBob SquarePants title. Unexpectedly, Toby Fox announced Deltarune‘s next chapter at an anniversary stream for undertale. Every Nintendo Switch console will receive a surprise feature update that has been long requested since its release. Two AAA games were delayed, one by one month and the next into 2021. This week’s recap includes all the latest gaming industry news.

Recent data mining of GeForce Now seems to have revealed a huge list of potentially leaked games that could be coming to GeForce Now. Nvidia responded to queries regarding the leak by stating that the list was real and that many titles were “speculative,” which likely meant for Nvidia internal testing. This news is fascinating because it contains the list of games that appear on the supposedly real list. However, there were no internal developer builds or other compromising information.

Even though every title is not confirmed or announced, the list of games in the Nvidia GeForce Now leak is fascinating. The leaks included God of War via Steam, Kingdom Hearts 4 and classic Grand Theft Auto remakes, Final Fantasy 7 Remakes, and Final Fantasy 9 Remakes. Many other games were also leaked from the full list. THQ Nordic hosted its biggest games showcase on Friday. It announced several games from some of the most popular franchises like Destroy all Humans and Vs. ATV. Perhaps the most important announcement was the unveiling of SpongeBob SquarePants: the Cosmic Shake. This is the first true sequel in the SpongeBob platformer series after Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated last year and much more for the entire series.

Beyond the Cosmic Shake announcement, THQ Nordic also revealed another Destroy All Humans! Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed will be the second game’s remaster. A few classic series will be getting sequels, including Outcast 2 and Jagged Alliance 3. Elex2 is also a sequel to 2017 sci-fi action RPG from Piranha Bytes. Another CRPG from Logic Artists, Expeditions, Rome, is in the works.

Biggest Gaming News of the week: 9/13/21-9/20/21
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