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Anno 1800 was an infusion of fresh air for Ubisoft’s city-builder series.

After choosing the Industrial Age for its time and exploring the Arctic and Africa during its first two seasons of exploration, the title is awaiting its fourth season of content. If DLC is not enough, you can always check out its mods.

Anno 1800 Mods

These mods can add beauty and diversity to cities or alter gameplay to make it more enjoyable. You’ll find something that suits your needs, whether you are looking for lighter mods or more serious ones.

Anno 1800 Mod Manager

The Mod Manager allows you to access news and launch Anno 1800. It also helps organize your mods. This is essential for installing mod loader files and activating or deactivating mods. You can also create folders. Get it from NexusMods.

Spice it up

Spice It Up mod for Anno 1800 brings many benefits. Sandbox fans get a mode to start with all the unlocked content. By pressing the active pause button, you can place buildings and slow down time. The output of ornaments has quadrupled, while Arctic sessions can provide more resources. Each warehouse tier grants five additional tons of storage, and oil tankers receive a pier of their own. You can see the complete list of modifications and additions on Nexus Mods.

IIncipium’sEnhancements and Tweaks

Timothy, my imaginary friend from cactus, said there are never enough tweaks. IIncipium’sTweaks and Enhancements allow you to modify even more things while you play Anno 1800. IIt’spossible to increase building productivity, speed up ships, and have more reach for emergency and public buildings. It is possible to reduce royal taxes and incidents and increase the number of loading ramps in your warehouses. You can find it on Nexus Mods.

Project Distinction

Project DDistinction’saim is to blend engineer and investor residential buildings better with those of other tiers. The mod changes the roof colors of existing buildings and introduces a few new building types to Anno 1800. Nexus Mods can help give your city more visual harmony.

All items remain unlocked by traders.

Sometimes all you need to learn about a mod is its name. This is one such instance. You can purchase any equipable item in the game freely by going to Nexus Mods.

A group of specialists
Sometimes you need an extra hand to manage your city. A Group of Specialist mod introduces a few new specialist characters that can bestow various bonuses such as increased productivity, happiness, and reduced need. It can be found on NexusMods.

Placement on a Farm for Free

IIt’snever fun to dream up a city layout and then be unable to execute it due to restrictions. The Free Farmfield Placement mod eliminates the requirement to place farm fields next to each other. It limits them by radius and creates a similar layout to pastures. Tractor barns and silos no longer need to be located next to the main building. It can be found on Nexus Mods.

  • Non-essential Anno 1800 Mods
  • Nature Ornaments
  • Increased Irrigation Range and Capacity
  • Metropolis Skyline
  • Depot (200t storage)
  • Anno 1800 now available on PC
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