Bayonetta 1: How many chapters does it have?

Bayonetta 1: How many chapters does it have?

Bayonetta 1: How many chapters does it have?

A new trailer was released by Nintendo Direct for Bayonetta 3. This renewed interest in the series is evident. Fans old and new have been revisiting the Bayonetta to get in on the series’ ground floor.

You can enjoy the Bayonetta series as an action game, but Bayonetta also contains a layer of interplanar time travel-filled interplanar knowledge. It’s worth learning Bayonetta‘s combinations and cosmos.

players may wonder, however, how long it takes to beat Bayonetta. PlatinumGames titles are not 100-hour epics. At least, they don’t require players to rank every level. They are more like tightly-paced roller coasters that are divided into several chapters.

Bayonetta’s Number of Chapters

Bayonetta has 18 chapters. Each chapter is broken into “Verses” which are a series of fights. Each chapter should take approximately half an hour if the player isn’t struggling. These chapters are listed below.

  • Prologue: The Vestibule
  • Chapter 1: The Angel’s Metropolis
  • Chapter II: Vigrid and City of Deja Vu
  • Chapter III: The Burning Ground
  • Chapter IV: The Cardinal Virtues of Fortitude
  • Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds
  • Chapter VI: The Gates of Paradise
  • Chapter VII: The Cardinal Virtues of Temperance
  • Chapter VIII: Route 666
  • Chapter IX: Paradiso-A Remembrance of Time
  • Chapter X: Paradiso-A Sea of Stars
  • Chapter XI: The Cardinal Virtues of Justice
  • Chapter XII: The Broken Sky
  • Chapter XIII: The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence
  • Chapter XIV: Isla Del Sol
  • Chapter XV: The Tower to Truth
  • Chapter XVI: The Lumensage
  • Epilogue: Requiem

They vary in length. Some chapters are lengthy gauntlets with enemy encounters while others are long, drawn-out boss fights. There are also collectible umbral tears and hidden combat challenges called Alfheims that can be found on levels.

After Bayonetta’s Story

Bayonetta offers a bonus chapter called “Lost Chapter, Angel Slayer”. After beating all chapters’ alfheims, it can be unlocked. It is a survival challenge with no plot and pits the player against 51 waves.

Players can confront Bayonetta, the incredibly difficult secret boss. You can unlock it by spending 999.999 halos (the game’s currency) for a “Rodin Ticket”. It will take you more than one try to defeat the boss. Unlocking the secret boss and facing him will double your game’s completion.

Bayonetta 1: How many chapters does it have?
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