Battlefield Mobile Alpha Test footage leaked

Battlefield Mobile Alpha Test footage leaked

Battlefield Mobile Alpha Test footage leaked

The highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 has been delayed, and there are rumoured beta testing still to be conducted, so it is possible that the otherBattlefield games currently under development at EA could leak.

Alpha testing is currently underway. The game appears to be trying to bring the full Battlefield experience to mobile phones much like Call of Duty Mobile. Although the footage is extremely blurry and filled with tiny pixels, it seems to playlike Battlefield games.

It’s going to be packed with microtransactions to help you fill your boots. If Call of Duty Mobile has any indication, it shouldn’t impact the moment-to-moment action but could lead to some very bizarre crossovers in a distant future.

Although it is still in Alpha, and needs much more work, the map featured seems smaller than your typical Battlefield game. This is understandable. If this is meant to replicate the Battlefield experience on mobile, however, I wonder if it will get too hectic with all the things you can use on each map. Or if there will be some sort of limitation on vehicles or other actions to aid the smaller maps.

The footage also shows a tank doing damage to the environment. It appears that there are some (admittedly cute!) destruction physics and some ‘boots on ground’ action between the players.

Battlefield Mobile looks just like any other first-person shooter on your phone. It even has a lot of buttons that can be used to control it without a controller. Although I don’t think this will be released anytime soon, I would expect it to launch simultaneously on Android and iOS.

Battlefield2042 was delayed recently after a very aggressive marketing campaign, but should be out later in the year.

Battlefield Mobile Alpha Test footage leaked
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