Avorion PC Download free full game for windows

Avorion PC Download free full game for windows

Avorion PC Download free full game for windows

Avorion PC Download free full game for windows


You can explore hundreds of places by using your spaceship. This fun game allows you to travel anywhere in the world.

Several hundred years ago, a cataclysmic catastrophe nearly ripped your galaxy apart – an insurmountable ring of torn hyperspace fabric appeared in the centre of the galaxy, which normal hyperspace engines can’t overcome. Nobody has been able to reach the centre of the galaxy since this event. You know that the event created multiple hyperspace rifts that are impossible to overcome throughout the galaxy and that a strange alien race, the Xsotan, has appeared in its centre.

These aliens may have discovered a way to transcend the hyperspace fabric. However, no one has been able to contact them. Rumours also abound about a new strange metal called ‘Avorion,’ which appeared in the middle of the galaxy around the same time that the Xsotan arrived. The aliens apparently use this material to build their ships.

You start as a nomad at the edge of the galaxy, and you work your way towards the centre. This galaxy is more dangerous than it gets but more rewarding once you reach its core. Avorion features the same sandbox elements as Freelancer and X but adds co-op multiplayer and allows you to build your own ships. It uses freely scalable blocks that can be procedurally generated to build ships broken into pieces when used in space battles.

Avorion Features:

  • Create Your Fleet
  • Explore unlimited Space
  • You can customize your spaceship with a variety of items
  • Multiplayer Co-op


System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: A graphics device that supports OpenGL 3.0 or higher.
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 600 MB available space


How to download and install The Game

  1. Click the button below to download. You will be taken to the download page.
  2. To complete your download, choose a mirror. To use a torrent download, you’ll first need to download UTorrent.
  3. After downloading is done, extract the file with a program such as WinRAR.
  4. Start the game setup in the extracted folder. Then, install the game.
  5. After the installation is completed, you can launch the game by using the shortcut on your desktop.
  6. Enjoy the game!


Avorion PC Download free full game for windows



Avorion PC Download free full game for windows
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