Autonauts Full Version Mobile Game
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Autonauts Full Version Mobile Game

Autonauts Full Version Mobile Game

Autonauts – Free Download

Autonauts can be downloaded for free here! Here are some details about Autonauts. You can either download the torrent file or the direct link from different filehosters. You will find the link to the download at the bottom.

Game Overview

Colonize uninhabited planets and travel the universe with the sole purpose of putting worlds into motion using the power of automation.

You must collect sticks and stones fresh from your spaceship and start your colonization efforts. You will need to create basic crafting items using blueprints. Then, you’ll need to build workboats that can help with your colonization efforts. Use a visual programming language to teach them how to shape artificial intelligence and then help them form their colony. Marvel at how a planet you have shaped becomes home for a civilization full of worker bots, eager to do your bidding.

You can expand further by creating colonists. These are beings that need your help to survive. Your worker bots can be further pushed by adding fishing, cooking, housing and tailoring to help colonists reach transcendence.

The Key Features

  • Playful ProgrammingAsk your worker bots to perform tasks using a visual programming language.

      It is easy to use but also offers many possibilities.

    • Automated AutomationTo automates almost everything in your colony, build an army of bots. Teach them how to do it and increase their cognitive abilities with many upgrades and options.
    • Various VenturesAutonauts can automate many things, including building, gathering, cooking, tailoring and farming.
    • Charming CreativityAutonauts’ world is alive with low-poly art and a bright, consistent colour palette that adds depth and scale to the space. It creates a relaxed and appealing environment.




    Autonauts Full Version Mobile Game
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