Arthur Morgan’s Ultra-Realistic Illustration Is A Beautiful Boah

Arthur Morgan’s Ultra-Realistic Illustration Is A Beautiful Boat

This Red Dead Redemption player used artificial intelligence to create the likeness of Arthur Morgan. And you know what? He’s quite handsome once you get rid of all the dirt and grime from the Wild West.

Although some characters in the game clearly refer to historical figures such as Beatrix Potter and Nikola Tesla, Arthur Morgan is a mixture of many influences, primarily actors Toshiro Mizuno’s characters. His fate is influenced by an American Frontier gunslinger.

Doc Holliday joined with Wyatt Earp in pursuit of the remaining members of the gang who seriously injured and killed Holliday’s brothers. Holliday was made an outlaw, but he managed to avoid the authorities and died from tuberculosis just a few years later. The immersive world of Red Dead Redemption2 is amazing, but realistic artwork such as this Arthur painting only serves to reinforce the tragic human stories.

Arthur is only in his mid-thirties when Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place. Yes, I do. Although it’s quite shocking, living in the middle of nowhere 24/7, constantly on the move, and getting into trouble with law enforcement and wildlife is what you will get. Bill Williamson’s birth date is a great surprise.

Some say he reminds them of Cody Ko. Others see Michael C. Hall. A few are reminded of Brendan Fraser. He does have a horse that he adopted from the Texas Rising set, which told the story about the Texas Revolution in the mid-19th century. He has the experience and credits to adapt the game if Rockstar Games ever wanted one.

Arthur Morgan’s Ultra-Realistic Illustration Is A Beautiful Boah
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