Are We Going to Ever Get A Killzone Game?

Are We Going to Ever Get A Killzone Game?

Are We Going to Ever Get A Killzone Game?

No one is surprised that Sony’s exclusives are focusing on third-person action adventures games at the time of writing. There are many differences between Spider-Man and Days Gone, but the common thread that unites them all is a third-person action-adventure. They’ve been left behind for games like Resistance and Killzone.

The series answered the question, “What if you fought Nazis inside space?” Killzone was a staple of Sony’s portfolio for over a decade. But with the increased focus on third-person from the PS3 generation to now, there has been no room. Guerrilla Games, who are the Horizon developers, have been hard at work. Today we ask the question: Will we ever see another Killzone game?

Killzone’s story begins with Lost Boy Games. They rebranded as Guerrilla Games in 2003 after creating a series of games for the Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance. The studio didn’t have any experience in developing shooters for modern consoles before Killzone was launched in late 2004.

Shellshock is a more forgotten game, though Rebellion did develop a sequel, Killzone was “the”. Killzone received Sony’s marketing budget. It was also referred to as “Halo killer”, referring to Bungie’s iconic sci-fi shooter series. Without going into too much detail about the history, it is clear that this branding is false. Halo Infinite is still a few months away from its launch. Killzone is not yet available.

Are We Going to Ever Get A Killzone Game?
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