Are Battle Passes Good for Multiplayer Gaming?

Are Battle Passes Good for Multiplayer Gaming?

Are Battle Passes Good for Multiplayer Gaming?

Battle Passes are a staple in multiplayer gaming. It’s not hard to see why. It’s quite clear that launching a multiplayer title in this age and age without a Battle Pass or content plan can lead to an endless stream of bots declaring the game “dead.” But just because Battle Passes exist does not mean they are inherently good.

We’ve decided to examine whether Battle Passes have contributed to multiplayer gaming. Battle Passes may not be for everyone, but this approach has many general benefits and drawbacks that make it easier for you to decide.

Online multiplayer gaming has seen a lot of development over the years. This includes prolonging a game’s life span after its initial release. DLC packs were a way for developers to achieve this. These DLC packs added new maps, weapons, and characters to the game. This ensured that there was more to play in the years and months.

This approach led to a segmented playerbase of “the haves and the have-nots”, as certain players couldn’t join certain lobbies or play in matchmaking playlists if their prerequisite map packs weren’t available. Some games even used the matchmaking lobby to name and shame players, displaying a glowing warning saying that “X” doesn’t have the necessary DLC. There were cries of “oh! Look at them letting their team down!” and so forth.

Multiplayer games require content to be viable long-term. Battle Passes are a great way to give the developers cash to create this content and to give players new cosmetics and reasons for playing. DLC map packs can be a dismembering tool for the community. Instead, everyone can have the same important content and decide how much to use the game’s cosmetics system.

Con: They Promote FOMO

The fear of missing out is a common and unfortunate aspect of today’s multiplayer gaming. The rise of Battle Passes, limited-time events, and Battle Passes can be attributed to this. You have a limited time to redeem your Battle Pass before it expires forever. This can cause guilt and lead to other gameplay.

Fortnite may be the most extreme example of Battle Pass FOMO in action. The game keeps its collaboration skins only for Battle Pass members. You could argue that the game promotes an elitist sense because some players have the money and time to purchase the Battle Pass and the various tiers.

By their very nature, Battle Passes are a hook that you use to get content. You’re buying the right to unlock certain content within a time limit. The content you paid for will be lost if you don’t get it in the required time. This is a ridiculous thought.

This could be argued that it isn’t true for all Battle Passes. However, Halo Infinite allows players to buy their main Battle Passes perpetually, so the content will never go away. This should be the standard for Battle Passes in all future games, but Halo Infinite doesn’t believe this is possible. 343 Industries has implemented limited-time events with distinct content throughout the game seasons. Once those events are over, however, that content is lost forever.

Pro: They are miles better than loot boxes

While we shouldn’t celebrate video games that do the minimum to avoid being greedy, gambling-promoting and money-grabbing charlatans, it is important to note that Battle Passes have much more value than loot boxes. Players can see what content they are guaranteed to receive if they have completed every passing level. You can’t guarantee that you’ll get anything in your loot box, so you might as well give it up.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to have enough money for games and living in a world that is increasing at an alarming rate. Knowing what you are buying is far more important than just knowing the price of a product. It’s not a loot box, but it is a positive point.

Con: They can be used by AAA Games at full price

The earlier point about how Monetisation efforts such as Battle Passes can help ensure that games have content as we advance stops being valid once the major annual releases start offering six Battle Passes per year with an asking price of $70. Battle Passes can be great for free-to-play games, but full-price games that offer Battle Passes seem to be a complete waste of time.

This is especially true when you consider Halo Infinite, which is currently the only game that supports Battle Passes that can be used forever. Although there have been many problems with Halo Infinite, they managed to nail it. The multiplayer is also free-to-play. Oddly, these Battle Passes won’t become more common in the future since it would surely encourage more sales and profits from those who sign up late for the game.

However, that wouldn’t make FOMO anymore.

Although not all full-price games with Battle Pass are annual releases like Rainbow Six Siege and Dead By Daylight, they are still premium games with in-game items shops, where players can spend real money or in-game currency to unlock new items. Siege offers loot boxes-like mechanics through its Alpha Packs, Battle Pass exclusive Bravo Packs. Even though the game is over a decade old, Siege still relies on monetisation and asks players to pay to play. It should have been free to play long ago, but that’s another matter.

Are Battle Passes Good for Multiplayer Gaming?
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