Arcane Trailer Gives A Look At Netflix's League Of Legends Series

Arcane Trailer Gives A Look At Netflix’s League Of Legends Series

Arcane Trailer Gives A Look At Netflix’s League Of Legends Series

The creators of League of Legends are currently working with Netflix to create Arcane. This action-packed trailer for the exciting new series was released this weekend. It dives into the steampunk utopia Piltover, and the dark underground of Zaun, in a world where science fiction and magic are colliding.

The Arcanetrailer introduces viewers to the main characters, Jinx and Vi. They are separated by tragedy and attempt to reunite. Jinx and Vi were characters from the League of Legends roster. The Arcane trailer has many scenes filled with large cities, huge aircraft, and characters trying to find their way.

The trailer for Arcane feels like a blend of Star Wars, Ratchet, and Clank, as well as the original League of Legends. While the underworld Zaun is rife with violence and chaos that threatens everyone, Piltover’s top scientists and leaders work together to uncover new insights and make the world a better place. The Arcane trailer frequently shows Piltover in darkness or shadows, slowly rising above it as the criminal underworld wrecks havoc.

This series was initially announced in celebration of the 10th anniversary of League of Legends 2019. It was originally scheduled for release in 2020. COVID-19 caused many setbacks in production and release. The show was produced in partnership with Riot Games and animated by Fortiche Productions. The series will be available on both Netflix and China’s Tencent Video sites.

Arcane features a stellar voice cast that perfectly complements the complex animation style. Other heroes and characters from League of Legends are also represented in the cast. Hailee Steinfeld plays Vi, Ella Purnell portrays Jinx, Kevin Alejandro is Jayce, Katie Leung portrays Caitlyn and Jason Spisak plays Silco. Toks Olagundoye portrays Mel, JB blanc portrays Vander, Harry Lloyd portrays Viktor.

Arcane is divided into three episodes that will be distributed over three weeks, beginning in November 2021. This show will likely contain mature subject matter and scenes aimed at 14-year-olds and older audiences, much like the video game’s rating. The trailer promises an emotionally-charged tale with plotting masterminds and monsters as well as heroes of all shapes and sizes.

Arcane Trailer Gives A Look At Netflix’s League Of Legends Series
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