Apex Legends Delays Tap Strafing Nerf: "Movement Is Sacred"

Apex Legends Delays Tap Strafing Nerf: “Movement Is Sacred”

Apex Legends Delays Tap Strafing Nerf: “Movement Is Sacred”

Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends’ developer, has announced that the tap strafing nerf was being delayed. This high-level movement technique could only be performed by PC players using a keyboard and mouse. The developer felt that this was unfair. You might agree with this statement if you have ever reached the highest levels of the Apex Legends ladder.

The decision to eliminate the technique was controversial. Many pro players felt it was the wrong decision. Although binding forward moves to the scroll wheel can lead to abrupt turns that may seem unfair, it was a great play for players who could master it.

Ryan Rigney, Respawn’s director for communications, stated that tap strafing was difficult to access and lacked counterplay. This is especially true when it is exacerbated by Legends such as Octane or Pathfinder. The former will be nerfed in the next Apex Legends Patch Note. However, an Octane with tap strafing and jump-padding Octane in Apex games will continue to be a terrifying sight.

Apex Legends Postpones Tap Strafing Nerf: “Movement Is Sacred”

The development now confirms that the nerf was delayed due to unexpected side effects of the patch.

Respawn tweeted that “movement is sacred at Apex.” We carefully consider every change to these systems and welcome feedback. Maybe the professional players were invited to test pointed out the problems with the proposed changes?

Respawn plans to continue with the nerf but is ensuring that other movements are not affected by the changes.

We might have to wait until Season 11, as only a few major patches occur in Apex before the mechanic can be removed.

Apex Legends Delays Tap Strafing Nerf: “Movement Is Sacred”
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