Anno 1404 Gold Free Download For PC

Anno 1404 Gold Free Download For PC

Anno 1404 Gold Free Download For PC

Overview Anno 1404:

Anno 1404, also known as Dawn of Discovery, is an economic simulation and city-building game part of the Anno series. Anno 1701 is the sequel, and Anno 2070 is the next game. The game is not based on actual events but includes elements from Medieval or Renaissance history like the Crusades and Gothic architecture.

Cathedrals, trade involving merchants and early forms of capitalism. The player can control a country that is not named. The game requires the player to establish diplomatic relations with computer-controlled players, colonize land, and engage in the ground and naval combat.

The game’s main focus is on city building. The game focuses on building monuments, cathedrals, and mosques. It would be best to meet certain conditions before creating such architectures. To begin the architecture, you will need to have enough building materials. The game’s cathedrals are very similar to the architecture of a castle or palace, which was destroyed in Anno 1701. Trade is an important aspect of the game. Without the proper amount of spice or quartz, your population will not be able to reach a certain level.

Anno’s new Anno version includes the Occident and Orient. This feature divides the game into culturally distinct zones. These are the North-Western Renaissance Europe or the medieval Near East. These lands must be used to produce and ship oriental goods.

Anno 1404 Gold Edition – Free Download

  • Medieval and Renaissance History.
  • Naval and Ground Combat
  • City Simulator


Anno 1404 Gold Free Download For PC



Anno 1404 Gold Free Download For PC
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