Among Us Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile
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Among Us Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile

Among Us Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile

Among Us Game 2018 Overview

You will have the best friends if you have a small group. It is worth it to give it a shot in your life.

(v2022.3.29s Update Added)

Since we have never heard of Among Us, it is fair to say that we were among those who didn’t know much about the Henry Stickmin Collection. This is an interesting business, and we didn’t know it. This game is a type of “Mafia,” in which instead of civilians or the mafia, there are crew members as well as traitors. This is how “Impostor,” translated as “Impostor,” sounds. However, translators decided it didn’t sound as cool and clear as a “traitor.” The people here don’t sit at the table and stare unkindly, but they run around the area, completing tasks and following the lead of the rest. It’s trying to do it. It’s also about determining who is lying at the same moment.

The crew’s goal is to either identify the impostor or complete their tasks, increasing the progress bar. However, the former happens less often. The traitor/traitors’ goal is to eliminate the crew and not be caught. They will kill and hide out of sight but also create sabotage, lock doors, and cut off communications.

There is something for everyone in this game – Sherlocks with observation and deduction, the cunning Ludwig Aristarkhovichss with their “Who did it?”. At the same time, with his condescending smile, the villain looks beyond suspicion and our beloved herd instinct, where’s he, darling. We recommend. Not only to enjoy the game but to not take too much from what’s happening. It’s just one game. Remember, anyone can be a traitor in any game. You can be him! He can even be us! It might even be…

The Features We Love:

  • You can customize your cap and color.
  • There are many game options: You can add more impostors and assignments to your game, and so on!
  • Instantly find a match online using the host list.
  • Text chat in-game


Among Us Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile



Among Us Game Download (Velocity) Free For Mobile
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