Alder's blood - 10 Xbox One / Series X keys Giveaway

Alder’s blood – 10 Xbox One / Series X keys Giveaway

Alder’s blood – 10 Xbox One / Series X keys Giveaway

Find your way through the world in which God was killed by humans! We’re giving away 10 Xbox One / Series X keys to Alder’s Blood thanks to No Gravity Games. More details are below.

Survive in a World Without God

Alder’s Blood is a tactical strategy that combines stealth-based combat with RPG elements, crafting and resources gathering and management, exploration, and a rich storyline. It takes place in a dark world where humanity has killed its God and is now facing extinction.

If you don’t win but still want to support the developers, the game can be purchased. Xbox One/Xbox Series X. You can still buy the game for users of other consoles through the Nintendo Switch eShop? Steam And GOG. If you’re interested in giving it a go, a free Prologue is available.


# Stealth, ambush-based combat. You can outwit and outsmart all the terrifying creatures you will be dealing with. They are stronger than you and you won’t have any chance against them in a direct attack.

# Diverse, challenging opponents. All monsters can see, hear, and smell you, from werewolves to vampires. Be careful not to reveal too much of your location.

# Stamina-based characters. You must be careful about how you manage your energy between moving, attacking, and casting spells. You are only a human being and running out of energy can cause serious fatigue.

# A dark world plunged into darkness. This world is where our God has turned his back on us. His corrupt presence can alter the intensity of battle. You can summon monsters, change the weather or transform one of these creatures into a powerful avatar according to his will.

# The exploration system of a vagabond. Your mobile base is your companion as you travel the globe. You can shelter in your camp and manage it, but you should be alert for enemy ambushes.

# A unique blend of dark Victorian fantasy, wild west, and Victorian horror. You will be immersed in a world that is completely different from the one you are used to. The universe was shaped by struggle and where humanity has not been allowed to advance or develop any technology.

Alder’s blood – 10 Xbox One / Series X keys Giveaway
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