Age of Empires 4 Release date - All We Know

Age of Empires 4 Release date – All We Know

Age of Empires 4 Release date – All We Know

Age of Empires 4 was first announced in 2017. However, Release Date has been a long time away. The gameplay preview in 2019 offered a glimpse of what was to come. However, it would be two years before Relic Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios got into the strategy game and its main features.

We learned more about Age of Empires 4, its release date, gameplay direction, and how it will differ from previous entries in the series at April’s Fan Preview event. E3 2021 provided additional information. A closed beta is also available. We’ve collected all the relevant information in this article.

Release Date for Age of Empires 4.

The Age of Empires IV release date is October 28. This confirms previous rumors that the game would launch on PC later in the year.

    • Release Date: October 28, 2021

Age of Empires 4 Campaign

Age of Empires IV is a popular title. Single-player gamers will be able to play four campaigns. The Norman Conquest was the first campaign revealed at April’s Fan Preview.

It sticks to historical subjects, but it is not Age of Empires II’s style of storytelling. Instead, it shines the spotlight on multiple characters over a more extended time. Documentary-style videos bridge these gaps and add context to the events.

The 100 Year War, The Mongol Empire, and The Rise of Moscow will focus on the other AoE 4 campaigns.

Age of Empires: Gameplay

As the Fan Preview video clearly shows, much is familiar with Age of Empires IV gameplay. The four ages of civilizations are still being developed. The base building is very similar to previous titles, and Scouts are still helpful when looking for sheep to gather and turn into food.

Many things are different. This time, civilizations are more asymmetrical. For example, the Mongols can move their base to different locations on the map by packing it up. Siege Towers can load troops onto walls that are now part of the battlefield. As you move through the ages, languages also change. The article linked above provides more information.

Later, at E3 2021, it was confirmed that Naval Combat Returns in Age of Empires 4 were possible.

Age of Empires 4 Civilizations

Age of Empires IV’s civilizations is easily differentiated thanks to the detailed building and unit model visually. They also play differently from one another. Relic plans on adding more civilizations after launch due to the more significant asymmetry in the game’s upcoming title.

Age of Empires 4 Closed Beta

Age of Empires IV will have a closed beta before launch. This allows fans to test the game and provide feedback. You have until now to sign up for the Age Insider Program.

Age of Empires 4 System Requirements


    • It requires a 64-bit processor.
    • Windows 10 64bit OS
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-6300U, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
    • Memory: 8GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 520, AMD Radeon RX Vega 11.
    • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 50 GB available space


    • It requires a 64-bit processor.
    • Windows 10 64bit OS
    • Processor: 3.6 GHz 6-core (Intel i5) or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
    • Memory: 16GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 970 GPU, AMD Radeon 570 GPU with 4GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 16 GB system RAM and 4 GB video RAM

Where can you buy Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires IV will launch on PC. You can purchase it at Steam or the Microsoft Store. However, you can also buy it through Xbox Game Pass. The price will be $59.99, or the equivalent in your region.

Trailer for Age of Empires 4

As soon as we receive new information about Age of Empires IV, we will update this article.

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Age of Empires 4 Release date – All We Know
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