After Valve Takes Out Mod, 'Team Fortress 2" Fans Go into a Frenzy

After Valve Takes Out Mod, ‘Team Fortress 2″ Fans Go into a Frenzy

After Valve Takes Out Mod, ‘Team Fortress 2″ Fans Go into a Frenzy

Due to an arrangement with Valve, two popular Team Fortress 2 mods were temporarily removed. Fans are excited to hear that the classic version is coming back to Steam.

Open Fortress and TF2Classic are the mods at issue. They also integrate modes and features that were removed from earlier versions. This mod results from hundreds of modders who have created new characters, modes, and story content under the aegis of the Team Fortress 2universe.

These creations are very beloved by the community, so Valve seems to have failed to follow their lead. But that’s not what’s happened. Not like Take-Two Interactive’s response to the spiffy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mods.

Watch how the Steam Deck works in a handy-dandy video below, featuring the power of the AMD eight-thread Zen 2 CPU and its silly button placements.

Pay attention to the announcements made by the mod teams. The “arrangement” with Valve has resulted in a “temporary” stop to downloading creations from the public. Although the developers of TF2Classic, Open Fortress and other tools will continue to share information in the future, these statements do not seem to suggest that they are in trouble with Valve.

It’s possible that Valve might be interested in closely working with these modders to update Team Fortress2. Even though the game was released almost 13 years ago, it’s still one of the most popular titles on Steam. It’s currently ranked in the top ten with Grand Theft Auto V and Rust, New World, Naraka, Bladepoint, and other heavy-hitters at the time of writing.

GladiatorDragon, a Reddit user, has a theory I believe to be very plausible regarding why these mods were only removed for a short time. Perhaps Steam implementation? Valve definitely has a heck of a lot more respect for mods and modders than most other devs,” they said. This is what I think.

After Valve Takes Out Mod, ‘Team Fortress 2″ Fans Go into a Frenzy
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