How to Change Outfits/Skins in Deathloop

How to Change Outfits/Skins in Deathloop

How to Change Outfits/Skins in Deathloop

It shouldn’t surprise that Colt and Julianna have a very stylish game. There are many outfits available.

You must have unlocked the Residuum ability to change your outfits in Deathloop. This allows you to keep your gear safe between loops. You will need to play for around an hour before you can start saving your gear and changing your outfit.

After that, you can modify your Deathloop outfit by going to your loading (bottom left after you select a map), and pressing confirms anywhere in the middle for all the abilities and gear.

While both Colt and Julianna are equipped with the default outfits, other outfits can be purchased as part of various editions. The vast majority of Outfits in Deathloop can be earned by playing as Julianna or hunting down other Colts. So get out there and start hunting.

Keep in mind that Deathloop does not allow you to change the skins of weapons. These outfits are purely cosmetic and do not offer any gameplay advantages.

How to Change Outfits/Skins in Deathloop
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